Digital Marketing For The Holidays

The sales are posted. Your crew is ready to work overtime. The busiest time of year for many businesses has already begun – or is about to!

November and December have long been leading periods of sales for businesses around the world, but especially in the United States. Thanksgiving gatherings, feasts, and trips rack up their fair share of economic force, and December can cover a business’ entire year in sales in some cases.

But you can’t just rely on that information to ensure a successful holiday season at your business. Marketing trends need to be evaluated periodically throughout the year anyway, but especially in the last several weeks of the year. And they need to be watched closely.

Being ready to shift gears as trends pick up and as new events unfold over the holidays can mean the difference between stagnant sales for the year and the potential for a period of strong growth as you build new business for the new year.

Positive Customer Experiences

The past few years have seen some supply and shipping issue and shortages, the supply chain of many companies has proven to be vulnerable at times.

One thing that the supply chain cannot interfere with, however, is customer experience. People can understand that there is a shortage because of things beyond our control. However, customer experience is always expected to be at its best – especially in times of trouble.

To that end, it’s important to make sure that not only support staff, but sales and any other team members who interact with customers or clients are prepared and encouraged to engage in positive behavior.

That includes providing tools on your website and social media that give customers an easy way to contact you, perhaps adding extra people to answer phones in your office, and just generally making sure that your business is approachable – and advertises that across all of its digital footprint!

Provide Long-Term Value For “Holiday” Buys

It’s easy to offer a sale or a deal over the holidays, but don’t forget to offer value by reminding customers that you have offers for them all year long!

Use offers and tools that allow you to record contact information to provide a special offer for “Christmas All Year Long” or “Christmas In July” where you add on to the value of their purchase throughout the year while providing you with potential leads for sales all year long.

Another thing to remember is that holiday shopping starts earlier and earlier each year, and online shopping is increasing exponentially. That means that getting a head-start on the holidays for next year might start with finding ways to extend value to your customers for signing up for your offers and promotions throughout the year.

Provide Quality Over Quantity

Shoppers have struggled through the past few years, and the economy, while improving, still has a long way to go. That means that people are looking for value in not only their purchases, but their time.

Provide value on your social media, website, and other platforms so that customers find your website and see your brand as a value just for being there. Then, when they come upon a need for something within your field, you are likely to not only be their first stop, but the stop they tell others about as well.

Make sure to be honest in what you provide and try to avoid the usual cliches that businesses tend toward. Everyone has heard the phrase, “In these unprecedented times” or something similar, and it starts to get perceived as disingenuous.

Talk to your customers and clients in the language that you know works for you and them – be yourself! The rewards will be far more valuable than pandering to standard advertising tropes.

Marketing Into 2023

Don’t forget to start looking at your marketing plans for the upcoming year as well. If you aren’t preparing already, you are going to find yourself falling behind when the new year starts.

If you find that you need some assistance organizing or updating your digital marketing plans, you can schedule a consultation with PixelPop Marketing to find out more that might help you improve your marketing for the holidays and beyond!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!