What’s Trending in Digital Marketing Today? (Video Marketing)

“But wait!,” you say, “Video Marketing isn’t new.” And you’re correct! The thing is, Video Marketing has become the best way to humanize your brand and connect with consumers by offering Personalized Experiences (see below) in place of the old-fashioned face-to-face experiences they used to get in-store.

Video Marketing is no longer just about commercials that air on prime-time television – consumers spend most of their time on electronic devices. Whether browsing the internet on their computer, Instagram on their tablet, or TikTok on their phone, consumers are now flooded with video advertisements and marketing – and it works.

But consumers have gotten smarter and more tech-savvy too, and they aren’t going to stick around for content that doesn’t grab them. In order to compete in this market, you need high-quality Video Production, clear audio, and a brand that speaks to your target market. That’s where Video Marketing intertwines with Digital Marketing.

Make Your Video Marketing More Than A Meme

Video Marketing will drive the business to you, but are you prepared to receive and provide an easy, effective end-user experience with your digital presence? Does your website deliver what your Video promises? What is the demographic of your viewership?

People have short attention spans these days, and people are doing everything they can to avoid commercials and ads. That’s where Social Media comes in. You should be posting short video feeds to your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and anything else you connect to.

These shouldn’t be scripted – rather, they should be about day-to-day operations in your business, big events or wins, or just sharing great customer moments. This makes your customers feel like they are part of your business (they are!) and engages not only long-term return customers, but outreach to new customers as well.

People want to be around fun people, or people who they can relate to! Show them that your business is more than just a sign and some numbers.

A dedicated Digital Marketing Agency with a lot of experience can handle all of that for you and make sure every aspect of your Digital Marketing is in-sync with your brand and vision while keeping that extra workload off your plate.

For more video marketing information or to sign up for customized marketing for your business, Reach out today to find out how we can help your business thrive!

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