What’s Trending in Digital Marketing Today? (Value-Driven Marketing)

It’s no secret that Millennials and Gen-Z are more tightly tied to supporting businesses that share their values, so it’s essential that you find those values that resonate with you and your business’ vision and bring that to the forefront of your Brand.

Once again, don’t just slap a donation to a charity on your door and call it a day! People want to see how you’re involved and engaged with what they are passionate about, so this only works if you truly connect with something you believe in that you can share with your customers.

Common causes are animal care and rescue, housing and food support for those in need, environmental concerns, social justice, and diversity. You will want to work with your Marketing Agency to find something that works for your business and that you can find a meaningful connection to. For example, if you operate a bakery for pets, it makes sense to connect with the local animal rescue by donating time or resources to that cause.

Value-Driven Marketing is tough to implement if you don’t put the time and energy into it because it needs to be meaningful. It has to have weight behind it. Customers are going to want to talk about it, share stories with you, and become emotionally invested in your business as a partner in a shared cause. But only if you’re honest.

Highlight Your Brand’s Value

It might seem obvious to you what benefits your product or service has for your customers, but part of your responsibility in today’s vast market is helping your customer understand why they should use your product in particular!

Avoid the urge to do a hard push for your product – value-focused consumers want to learn about and find what is good for them, not feel like they are being sold to. Having natural conversations with your real customers (not actors!) and using those to show consumers the value of your product to others they can relate to is a great way to demonstrate your value.

The point here is to make sure people know what makes your brand stand out. Sure, you sell shoes, but so do thousands of other businesses. What gives your brand the value your customers are looking for? This is a good place to highlight your personalization or customization of your product or service, or to demonstrate how your service stands out from the competition.

For good examples of value-driven businesses, look at Toms Shoes’ Impact Page – when a consumer purchases from Tom’s, they aren’t just buying quality shoes. They feel like they are purchasing from a business that cares about things that are important to them as well, and they can feel good about doing business with Toms, rather than feeling like they are just making some corporation richer.

After that, ask yourself: “How can I be like Toms?”

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Click the links below to read about some other trends that look like they are here to stay in a post-pandemic world: