What’s Trending in Digital Marketing Today? (Conclusion and Recommendations)

What Now?

That’s an easy one – go check out your digital presence! Are you doing everything I talked about in this series? Maybe some of it, but not all of it? None of it?? (uh-oh!) I just want you to be aware that you have to keep an eye on what is driving Digital Marketing trends on a regular basis. These are all current trends, but they will likely be different by the beginning of 2022, or at least some of the dynamics will have changed.

Technology is updating very quickly, and safety and security measures, as well as smart consumers, all cause shifts that have to be accounted for. The thing that is consistent between all of these trends and Digital Marketing overall is that you have to keep your content updated.

Google tells users the last time a website was updated, how many times keywords are present, the reading time, and more on the SERP, and a business that stays on top of constant updates, expanding their blog and social media presence, and interactive consumer engagement is going to be more visible. That means that you need to become an expert at Digital Marketing, hire an expert at Digital Marketing and hope they can handle every aspect of it, or hire a Marketing Agency to handle the Digital Marketing for you.

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