What’s Trending in Digital Marketing Today? (Micro-Moments)

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you couldn’t remember that great restaurant you ate at for your anniversary? How about showing off the watch you got last year to your friends, but you just couldn’t remember the name of the jeweler you purchased it from?

Or have you ever been standing in the aisle of the store or at the car dealership and you just couldn’t decide which you were going to take home that day?

Now think about what you did during that moment. Yep. Most of you said you went to your phones because it is a fast-paced world, and we want information now. That means consumers don’t spend a ton of time in that moment while looking for what they want, but it doesn’t mean that those interactions aren’t important. In fact, the opposite is true.

These are called Micro-Moments, and they are key decision-making and impactful moments for your brand because they are part of word-of-mouth marketing, big purchase decisions, or memorable moments people share with others. And you could be missing out on being a part of that – and the revenue that comes with it.

Make Your Brand Micro-Moment Friendly

Consumers aren’t going to look for 45 minutes while they’re standing in the store – they’re going to look for a minute or two at most, according to the research, and in that couple of minutes they are going to make a decision that they are going to stick with.

Once people have made up their mind about something, there’s a relationship that forms, and in their search history they will have YOUR BUSINESS, INC. tabbed and bookmarked because your Digital Marketing team ensured your brand is visible, SEO-optimized, and targeted to exactly who your audience is.

Go look up the generic form of whatever your brand is right now on your phone, and see how long it takes to get to your website, storefront, or product information.

Surprised? Most people are. You’ve got a million things on your plate while running a business, and effective, successful Digital Marketing takes active engagement and constant data-analysis to maintain momentum. But keep in mind next time you make decisions about your Marketing that if someone can’t find your product while they’re standing in the store or at the mall, they may not ever find you.


That one minute can start a recurring customer-business relationship that lasts and builds your brand while making your customers happy. Don’t let that potential revenue slip through your fingers!

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