What’s Trending in Digital Marketing Today? (Topical Authority)

This one might seem counterintuitive considering what we discussed earlier (See Micro-Moments), but you need to also have deep, consistent content available as part of your digital presence. What does that mean? Prove you know your product or service with detailed, technical content that your market can find when they look!

Let’s unpack this a bit so you can see what I’m getting at. We haven’t touched on SEO much in this series because that is more than a trend – SEO is here to stay – but SEO is the key to brand visibility, consumer engagement, and customer retention. The problem is that if you only have short pieces of content with quick results for your online presence, your SEO is going to be low because your websites lack the content to trigger early SERP visibility.

This is where an in-depth website that has brief content explanations and product or service visibility also needs to have those deeper pieces of information that will help drive traffic to your site, then keep the traffic there once the end-user arrives. If you have a quick blurb about buying good shoes on your main page, but you don’t have a detailed blog describing what to look for in good shoes, for example, the consumer is going to end up somewhere else to purchase their shoes!

Be The Expert

Consumers are smarter than ever and more well-informed than any other period in human history. It’s easy to fall victim to the comedy routines and internet memes and jokes and believe what they say about millennials and Gen-Z, but as a business owner in today’s world you do so at your own risk.

Gen-X and millennials are already in those high-market age-ranges that businesses aim for: Many have families, some have grandchildren even, and they are also making decisions for their parents and older family members. All three of these generations have grown up around technology and understand how to use the Internet, so you need to make sure you not only have the product or service they are looking for available, but that you can show them how to be smart consumers.

Going back to shoes for a moment – If I am selling shoes in an online store, I should have a blog that posts at the least every other week, subsections of my website that detail the process I use to purchase and/or create my product, and a way for people to reach out to me with questions so I can help them make the right decision.

By showing the consumer that I understand all of the processes of shoe manufacture, procurement, and fit through my detailed website and blogs that highlight my expertise and how consumers can benefit from it, not only will SEO recognize my website as a valuable resource, but consumers will remain on my website after getting there leading to higher conversion rates, more leads, and drastically improved ROI.

If a customer happens to use your service or website, even to make a purchase elsewhere, they will remember where they learned from and probably end up back on your virtual doorstep, where they should find the expert content from before, new content that keeps up-to-date with current trends, and a way to reach out to you, the expert, and help achieve both of your goals.

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